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No Image Available 5000 Years of Textiles
A work of reference which performs as a comprehensive survey of textile art and production around the world, dating from…
Jennifer Harris
No Image Available A Handweaver’s Pattern Book
Pick the perfect pattern every time! Sought after for nearly a century, A Handweaver’s Pattern Book is the venerable compendium…
Marguerite Porter Davison
No Image Available A Scandalous Life
The biography of Jane Digby el Mezrab.
Mary S. Lovell
No Image Available A Silver Legend: The…
The most distinctive coins ever minted, the Empress Maria Theresa thaler was first struck in 1741 in Vienna, a year…
Clara Semple
No Image Available Across Australia
A traveling exhibition created by Dijanne cevaal
Dijanne cevaal
No Image Available Afghan Women: Tales of…
this book is dedicated to the courageous people of Afghanistan.
Naila Hussain
No Image Available African Textiles Woven
((10 Envelopes and notecards)) From 1 to 5: Textile, Ghana – From 6 to 10: Tunic, Algeria.
No Image Available African Textiles: Color and…
Generously sized and beautifully illustrated, African Textiles is an authoritative survey of textile arts – unique and collectible rugs, tapestries,…
John Gillow
No Image Available Al sadu
The techniques of bedouin weaving
Anne Rhona Crichton
No Image Available Al Waraqoon
bahrains history and culture.
No Image Available Al-Khidr 2004-2009
Primary scientific report on the activities of the Kuwait-Slovak archaological mission.
Lucia Benedikova
No Image Available Al-Qurainiyah, Failaka
Kuwaiti-Italian Excavations 2010-2015. volume 1. stratigraphy and phases.
Gian Luca Grassigli & Andrea Di Miceli
No Image Available Al.Jubail: Saudi Village
Architectural Survey
Abdallah A. Al Shayeb
No Image Available allama bil qalam
Arabic calligraphy in pakistan
Imarn Ahmed Siddiqui
No Image Available An Eye on Hong…
This book draws on 28 years of photography by one man to present an essay on the beauty, the colours…
Keith Macgregor
No Image Available An Intonational Study of…
A thesis study that was submitted to the linguistics department for the degree of doctor of philosophy at the university…
Fatima Ebrahim Al Khalifa
No Image Available Anatolian Motifs Guran Erbek
No Image Available Andean Textile Heritage
Study on Precolumbian textiles from major cultures and weaving centers.
Ruth Corcuera
No Image Available Arabesken
The arabesque is a form of artistic decoration consisting of “surface decorations based on rhythmic linear patterns of scrolling and…
Clara Schmidt
No Image Available Arabia Deserta
A travel book by Charles Montagu Doughty (1843–1926), an English poet, writer, and traveller. Doughty had travelled in the Middle…
Charles M. Doughty
No Image Available Arabic Ornaments
The volumes in this new collection differ from many competing editions in the number of ornaments depicted, making these books…
Clara Schmidt
No Image Available Art Textiles of the…
An illustrated series of profiles of outstanding contemporary artists working in a variety of textile media. Art Textiles of the…
Matthew Koumis
No Image Available Arts and Crafts in… Nazeih Taleb Maarouf & Semiramis Cavusoglu
No Image Available Arts and Crafts of…
Textiles, probably the best-known example of Thailand’s traditional crafts, form only part of the rich assortment of creative products and…
William Warren and Luca Invernizzi Tettoni
No Image Available Asian Costumes and Textiles…
This extraordinary private collection of traditional costumes, put together with taste and passion by an Italo-Turkish couple, will take us…
Mary Hunt Kahlenberg & Valérie Bérinstain
No Image Available Awards of the First…
The First International Artisans-at-Work Festival held in Islamabad, Pakistan on 7-15 October 1994 displayed the handicrafts of the Islamic world…
Naseih Maarouf
No Image Available Ayyam Gallery
Syria’s premiere modern and contemporary arts gallery.
Khaled Samawi
No Image Available Ayyam Gallery
Summer 2007
No Image Available Bahra 1 Excavations in…
Preliminary report on the fifth season of kuwait-polish archaeological explorations.
Piotr Bielinski & Agnieszka Szymczak
No Image Available Bedouin
Aiming to capture in detail the nomadic Bedouin lifestyle, Alan Keohane provides a photographic portrait of a people struggling to…
Alan Keohane
No Image Available Bhutan-Kuwait Diplomatic Relationhip: “A…
All about the diplomatic relationship between kuwait and bhutan.
No Image Available Biodiversity of Animals in…
This scientific work is part of an important series that seeks to fulfill a commitment by the Center for Research…
Sharon K. Jaman & Prof Robin Meakins
No Image Available Bogolan: Shaping Culture through…
In this illustrated book, Victoria Rovine explores the revival of a traditional African textile known variously as bogolanfini, bogolan or…
Victoria L. Rovine
No Image Available Braids & Beyond: A…
In 1993 the Braid Society held its inaugural meeting, bringing together people interested in the world of braids and narrow…
Jacqui Carey
No Image Available Bulgaria
All About the Bulgarian history, geography, culture and tourism.
Valentin Denev
No Image Available Bulgarian Folk Costumes Anita Komitska & Veska Borissova
No Image Available Byways in Handweaving
The textile techniques described in this book offer the hand weaver a variety of extremely ancient techniques, leading back to…
Mary Meigs Atwater
No Image Available Cappadocia
Guide book
M. Ali Birant
No Image Available Carpets Ahmad al khateb
No Image Available Cloth and Human Experience
a wide variety of cultures and eras, discussing production and trade, economics, and symbolic and spiritual associations.
Annette B. Weiner & JaneSchneider
No Image Available Clothes Rafeq Mutlag
No Image Available Color and Fiber
Fiber artists will welcome this opportunity to learn how to use and control color with this monumental and exquisitely beautiful…
Patricia Lambert, Barbara Staepelaere, Mary G. Fry
No Image Available Colours of the Indus:…
Exhibition catalogue.
Nasreen Askari and Rosemary Crill
No Image Available Construction Accounting System: Applications,…
Construction and engineering
Hussein F. Chaaban